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Binary Options

A Binary Option is one type of financial instrument which can be bought and sold next to a definite price within a definite period of time with no return policy. Binary Options are derivative products with right buy, but not the obligation to buy at a definite date or price.

The right to sell is known as ‘Put Option’, whereas the right to buy is known as ‘Call option’. While executing an open transaction you get can choose to set the option expiry time, moreover it is done to discern the amount of expected profit.

Secondly, in the majority of Options, you can set a risk level in advance to know the amount of expected profit.

How to do Options Trading via xDirect Markets?

xDirect Markets offers its clients to trade on both Up & Down Options along with which you also get an investment horizon which has options up to 60 minutes reliant on an underlying assets. There is a probability of options trading against dissimilar financial instruments like currencies, Indices and Commodities.

A benefit of carrying out a Binary Options contract with xDirect is the lack of liquidity problems, which means that a client would carry on the contract whenever the market is on and as per his time comfort.

There are 4 simplified steps execute an options contract with xDirect Markets:

  • Instrument of own choice
  • Insertion of investment amount
  • Single out expiry time
  • Choose the option direction whether Up and Down

Why Trade Binary Options?

Trading in Binary Options offers several advantages over other investment vehicles such as  insurance, leverage, limited risk, profiting in bear markets, each way betting or market going nowhere are only a few.

Why Trade Binary Options Via xDirect Markets?

  • Transparent Rules
  • Eminent Leveraging Power
  • Advanced Potential Returns
  • Termination time from 1 min to 60 min
  • Simplified interface proves to be crowning for beginners

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    Binary Option is regarded as a trading instrument where only two outcomes are possible, which can be by the movements in the financial market by an indicated time frame and by the performances of financial markets like Indices, Commodities, Options, and Currencies.


    Download demo account today if you aren’t a client of xDirect Markets. Clients who are a part of xDirect Asia can gain access to options trading in their xStation account.


    Yes, it can be done through mobile phone browser. As soon as the loading is done the page will request you to login into your MT4 details, where you can login to either your demo account or live account.

  • How do i access Binary Options on my xStation?

    For options trading you must have an xStation account which you download here. If xDirect connect panel does not show in any of your xStation windows, look at the navigation window. Under the expert advisers heading, click and drag xDirect connect into a chart window that is not in use by you. By clicking on the options tab it will take you to the trading platform.

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