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Indices Trading

Indices trading factually means buying and selling of Indices contracts on the trading platform. On frequent basis you will come across people talking about the market going up and down, but in reality the market is very volatile in nature. The word market they are mentioning here is the financial market.

How does the Indices trading work?

Like commodity market, Indices trading with xDirect Markets holds wide range of characteristic peculiarities such as nominal contract price, lower margins etc., which slightly differs from the Fx market. For better understanding, one needs to learn the contract specification tables of indices.

xDirect Markets provides an OTC (Over-the-Counter) platform for indices trading. Moreover, leverage helps in enhancing the client’s trading capabilities.


Why Trade Indices

A certain specific number of stocks are grouped into one tradable entity known as Indices. One can trade in India’s two well-known indices i.e. the DE30 and NYSE. Above all, xDirect Markets provides you an opportunity to trade on major global indices specifically NASDAQ, the Dow Jones 30, the NYSE or others though trading platform.

Benefits of INDICES Trading

  • Diversification:

    Indices are sort of safekeeping portfolio and may have possibly lesser investment risks, when equated to securities of one particular company.

  • Leverage:

    Leverage is when you keep making short profits on daily movements and with minimum risk capital. For e.g. we at xDirect Markets offer leverage 400:1 which means for every $1 dollar in your account, you can trade it $400 times.

  • No third party involvement:

    There is no third person involved while forex trading as transactions are executed via electronic means of exchange.

  • Liquidity:

    In this competition, you will always have a fair price to trade and plenty of volume too.

  • Zero Commissions:

    There is transparency while trading in forex. For e.g.: Zero government fees, zero clearing fees.

Why trade Indices via xDirect Markets?

All emergent and major markets which are the Europe, Markets, US are highly sensitive to a variety of events taking place globally. xDirect Markets lets you track the top recognized leading markets and accredits identical avenues for such markets.

Below are the list of benefits you will receive when you start trading with xDirect Markets.

  • Trade on over 24 major indices
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • No re-quotes
  • Spreads from zero pips
  • Deep liquidity
  • Guaranteed stop loss, free of charge
  • Ultra-fast execution speed
  • Range of trading platforms with xDirect Markets (xStation, xMobile, xTab, MT4, MT4 Mobile and XAPI permits traders to transact/ operate from anywhere on any mobile device of their choosing)

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Indices Trading FAQs

  • What is Bear and Bull market?

    The market is termed bearish when the expectation and price are lower. It is considered as the right time to investigate for value in stock market. In bullish market we see upward trend in stock prices and it is termed as the happy market.

  • What are 'global indices'?

    Below listed are the major global INDICES • FTSE • S&P GLOBAL – 100 • DOW JONES INDEX • GERMAN DAX • NIKKEI

  • Why are indices important?

    In latest years, Indices have come to the forefront owing to straight applications in finance in the form of spot, futures and options. The trading in Indices is valuable when an Index replicates up to date information of both micro and macro-economics. To conclude, Indices assist as a benchmark to determine the performance of fund managers.

  • What is margin?

    Margin is a good assurance of deposit put up by the trader for security to clamp open a position. Eventually, margin is confused as a fee to a trader which is actually not. It is just a portion of your account equity set aside and allotted as a margin guarantee.

  • What is leverage?

    Leverage is the skill to make small profits on the basis of daily currency activities, with slightest risk investment. For e.g. We at xDirect Markets offer leverage 400:1 which means for every $1 dollar in your account, you can trade it $400 times.

  • What is a Lot?

    Any services or group of goods making up transaction is called a lot (in general), but in terms of financial market, a lot is the standardized size of a financial instrument as laid out by a regulatory body or exchange.

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